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We dedicate ourselves to building upon the sturdy foundation of musical excellence at Hylton High School with cooperation, perseverance, character, pride and integrity. By consistently giving our personal and collective best, we will continually raise the standards of each performer, maximizing the total potential of the group. We are committed to working as a team to achieve a world class level of performance.

If you are new to our band family or are just looking for more information please select the General Info tab. This section will always be a work in progress and is designed to provide basic band and guard understandings.

News & Activities

  1. Come out and join us for 8th Grade tailgate Night! We will have students from Saunders, Beville, and Benton. If you know someone in 8th grade that is interested in joining Marching Band next year make sure you spread the word! We will be tailgating in the Driver’s Ed lot starting at 5:00pm on Friday, October 18th. Our varsity football team will be playing Woodbridge High School so be prepared for a great night with lots of stand tunes and GREAT food!!

    On Saturday, October 19th at 12:30pm Hylton’s Marching Bulldogs will be participating in VBODA at Liberty High School in Bealton, Virginia to receive their assessment for the 2013-2014 school year. Bring your stadium seat and enjoy a great show!!

    It’s Homecoming time!! Our Homecoming weekend kicks off with a Parade down Lindendale Road starting at 5:00pm on Friday, October 25th. Come out and support the Marching Bulldogs as they get you prepped for our Homecoming Game against Freedom High School. Go Bulldogs!!

    Beville Students the Hylton Marching Bulldogs will be playing at your last Football game of the season on Thursday, November 7th at 6:00pm. Come out and support the Marching Band and your Football team!

    Pasta Sales and White House Ornaments are on sale now! Please check out our Facebook page to place your order for pasta or click on the pasta link to place your order.



    If you would like you to order 2013 White House Ornaments please send an email to Hyltonband@hotmail.com and we will have Renee Johnson reach out to you. We thank you for your support!

    Marching Bulldogs are you READY for Daytona 500 and Universal Studios?! Our trip will be here before you know it! Make sure you check the payment schedule and make your payments in a timely manner!

  2. The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corp at Bands Along the Occoquan
    It is with great pleasure that C.D Hylton Band Boosters would like to announce The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps will be performing at Bands Along the Occoquan on September 14, 2013.

    Our show kicks off at 7:00pm rain or shine!

  3. Band End of Year Banquet
    28 May 2013- Yes the end of the 2012-13 band season is here with the End-of-Year banquet, scheduled for 7pm on 31 May in Hylton's enclosed cafeteria, concluding the season. Everyone is asked to bring a dish as detailed on the flyer. We will need parents & students to help set up and decorate tables May 31st at 2:15pm. Please email hyltonband@hotmail.com if you would like to help .

  4. Spring Concert
    21 May 2013- The Hylton Concert and Symphonic bands put on a really good performance showing all the skills that learned during the school year. The tradition of allowing seniors to play a special piece of their selection and/or conduct the band was accepted by several seniors and proved to be interesting. A video of the both performances has been posted on the video page in the Concert section.

  5. Winter Concert
    13 Dec 2012- Both the Concert and Symphonic bands put on a great performace to kick off the holiday season. A video of the Symphonic Band's performance has been posted on the video page in the Concert section. If anyone recorded the Concert Band performance and would like it post on this site, please send email to billgin001@yahoo.com.

  6. Saturday's Football Game
    26 Nov 2012- Saturday, the band will travel with the football team. Band members must arrive at Hylton at 8:30am in warm ups, we will dress in uniform at the game site. Remember your black socks, band shoes..... The trailer will be loaded with the podium, drums, stands, uniforms, etc. No standard pit equipment is necessary, we won't perform our half time show. Departure for VA Beach Sports Plex is at 9:30am, game Time is 3pm. Lunch will be provided by Mr. Cassady and Hylton HS. Approximate return time is 10pm.

  7. Winter Concert Support Needed
    26 Nov 2012- Winter concert is Thursday December 13th at 7pm. Donations of snacks and drinks are needed. Refreshments will be served afterwards which usually requires 2-3 volunteers to be sure everything is set to go after the concert. Two additional volunteers are needed, at 6pm, to be in charge of student check-in. Please, respond if you are available to help with the reception or check-in.

  8. VBODA Weekend Results
    28 Oct 2012- Your Hylton Marching Band performed one of their best performances this year receiving an "Excellent" rating from the judges. They also put on a great show on Friday night during the halftime show at the football game. As an addition to the Friday night football game, Hylton Band also hosted many 8th graders from the local schools, the turnout was great. The band shared food with the 8th graders during the pre-game tail gate party, rehursted all of the cheer songs with them, and had the 8th graders sit in the stands and play with the band. Hylton Band thanks all of the 8th graders that attended the open house and hopes to see all of them at bandcamp this summer. Videos of the VBODA competition, football performance and a short video of the 8th graders in action can be viewed here. The 8th grader video is located in the "Football Shows" section of the video webpage.

  9. VBODA Weekend plus
    25 Oct 2012- Your Hylton Marching Band will be busy again this weekend with plans that include Friday night tail gate party (4:30pm driver ed lot), 8th Grade visitor night(will attend tail gate party and football game), a football game(7pm), the final marching band competition for this year "VBODA" at Patriot HS(Saturday 12:30) and conclude with the VBODA party - Saturday night(6-10pm). Adult help is needed to make all of these activities a success, please go to signup genious to select a job. Click here for a flyer covering the VBODA party.

  10. Busy weekend for the band
    14 Oct 2012- Your Hylton Marching Band supported several events this past weekend to include Home Coming Parade, football game and competition at Manassas Park HS . Videos of the parade and competition available here.

  11. Woodbridge Invitational Result
    Congradulation to the Hylton Band in taking 2nd place at the Woodbridge Invitational AA Marching Band category and 3rd place overall, video can be viewed here in the 2012 competition section (mid page).

  12. Band Booster President Change
    Due to health conditions, our elected bandbooster president, Jackie Krichner had to step down. We thank her for her contributions and wish her the best on her recovery. Stepping in for Jackie, is the booster vice president, Julie Armstrong. Julie has been involed in Hylton marching band program for many years and therefore has the experience to take this position. Congraudulation and thank you Julie for taking this position. With this change, our vice president position is open, please submit recommendations to the Band Boosters at hyltonband@hotmail.com.

  13. Videos Uploaded
    Videos from 31 Aug and 21 Sept football games as well as the exhibition the band put on at Forest Park HS have been uploaded to youTube and can be viewed here.

  14. Tag Day Success
    Tag day, one of the bands largest fundraiser, turned out to be a huge success this year. It would not have been possible without the hard work accomplished by our students, thank you for a job well done. Thanks next goes out to the drivers who had the responsibility of ensuring the safety of our children and giving up a large portion of their day, many thanks. Thanks also goes out to the parents that provided "Safe Houses" for rest stops and in case of emergencies, it is reassuring to have parents willing to share their home. The volunteers that counted the money did a fine job of tabulating the money, thank you. Last but not least, we should all thank Kim Dorman our Tag Day Coordinator, without her phone calls and emails, this effort would not have started, thanks for stepping up.

  15. Band Trip
    This years band trip to Philadelphia is scheduled to start on Saturday, November 10, 2012 and end on Sunday, November 11, 2012. Details are still being worked, limited details can be found here with more details available mid October. As with any band activity, chaperones are needed and there are still vacancies. For more information and/or to volunteer, please contact Julie Armstrong jarmstrong@bainbridgere.com, this years Trip Coordinator.

  16. Marching Band Uniform Care
    As part of the season kick-off, it is time to remind everyone of what is necessary when wearing our uniforms. While in uniform, everyone must wear long black socks with your marching shoes. Also, the band t-shirt received on Friday and a pair of non-bulky shorts need to be worn under the uniform. We will be getting the 3rd quarter of the game off and this is a good time for the kids to get snacks from the snack bar. To keep the uniforms clean, please do not use condiments on your burger, Chick-fil-La sandwich, or nachos (no ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or cheese). No colored drinks. Clear beverages are allowed (water, sprite). Do not order pizza, the tomato sauce may get on the uniform and it is hard to get out. Lastly, no french fries. They are greasy and we don't want that to get on the uniforms. If you wear gloves, please remember to bring them. If you forget them, we have them at the band room and they are $3 a pair. Recently ordered gloves will be placed in your hat boxes. Don't forget your marching shoes! Recently ordered shoes will be located with your uniforms. At the end of the night please leave your shoes with your uniform in the bottom pocket of your garment bag. That will save time looking for them next week! Dress code when marching, no earrings, rings or nail polish is allowed and long hair needs to be pulled up off of the collar.

  17. Tag Day 2012
    Hylton’s Marching Band TAG DAY is coming on Saturday, September 8, 2012. We will need everyone’s continued support and help on this day since this is one of our biggest fundraisers for the year.
    What is Tag Day? Tag Day is a door–to-door solicitation for funds within Hylton High School boundaries. This year our goal is $ 8,000.00. Band members are teamed up in groups of 4, under the supervision of an adult driver, and solicit in assigned areas. TAG DAY PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED BY ALL BAND/GUARD MEMBERS.
    The Hylton areas to be solicited are broken into “sectors”. Each sector will have at least one “Comfort” home, which acts as a “safe house” for the Band members. The Comfort home will assist our students if needed for emergencies and bathroom breaks.
    We will need at least 20 parents to volunteer to drive and supervise their team of students. Drivers are responsible for keeping a watchful eye on all students during the door to door solicitation. Students will be in full band uniform. After a morning of proudly representing Hylton Marching Band, the students and parent volunteers enjoy a pizza lunch and refreshments back at school while the money is counted.
    In addition to needing parents to be drivers and comfort homes, we will need volunteers to donate snack items, and cases of bottled water. Drivers will carry the water with them while out with students.
    Sign up on the sheets outside of the band room on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 the night of Parent Meeting. There will be a lot of information given to you at this meeting concerning the band activities through the year.
    Let’s make TAG DAY GREAT!!!
    Kim Dorman 703-878-1093 dormanetal@gmail.com
    Click here for a printable copy of this note.

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